Duty Belt

Duty Belt

Eagle’s Duty Belt allows for quick and easy positioning of Eagle duty gear and holds gear in place via the Eagle duty lock system.

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  • Large side release buckle
  • Quick and easy positioning of Eagle duty gear with Eagle’s Duty Lock System
  • Four-ply buffer between buckle and body
  • Lock down buckle adjustment strap to prevent slipping
  • Mil. Spec. hook and loop double security lock
  • Two layers of nylon scuba webbing for stiffness and durability

Available in: S = (26" - 31"), M = (32" - 37"), L = (38" - 43")

Model NumberColorSizeIn Stock
DBLBlackLarge (38"-43")Yes
DBL-KHKhakiLarge (38"-43")Yes
DBL-ODOlive DrabLarge (38"-43")Yes
DBMBlackMedium (32"-37")No
DBM-KHKhakiMedium (32"-37")Yes
DBM-ODOlive DrabMedium (32"-37")Yes
DBSBlackSmall (26"-31")Yes
DBS-KHKhakiSmall (26"-31")Yes
DBS-ODOlive DrabSmall (26"-31")Yes