Squad Automatic Weapon Ammo Pouch Molle Style  (200-round)

Squad Automatic Weapon Ammo Pouch Molle Style (200-round)

This one is way beyond the standard issue. The dual-flap Saw Ammo Pouch is a multi-component system that can carry a SAW drum, M14 magazines, or serve as a secure dump pouch. The flap-joiner can be removed and the internal divider installed for use as a double-up M4/M16 magazine pouch with twice the capacity of normal 3-magazine pouches allowing you to save valuable space on your vest. The 7-snap removable cover flap makes it a secure dump pouch. Made of double layered Cordura® nylon throughout.

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  • Carries a 200-round SAW drum, a 100-round box for the M60 or M240 series machine gun or 6 magazines for the M4/M16
  • Stiff removable or repositionable interior divider wall for use as a double M14/M16 magazine pouch
  • 7-snap removable elastic overflap for use as a secure dump pouch
  • Each flap closes with hook and loop and a metal snap
  • Stiff outer walls for easy loading and unloading
Model NumberColorSizeIn Stock
AP-SAW/200-MS-FFGFR Foliage Green Yes
AP-SAW/200-MS-ODOlive Drab Yes
AP-SAW/200-MS-RGRanger Green Yes
AP-SAW-MSBlack Yes
AP-SAW-MS-DF-ODOlive Drab Yes
AP-SAW-MS-DF-UCAUniversal Camo Yes