Aero Assault Basic Armor Carrier
Aero Assault Basic Armor Carrier

Aero Assault Basic Armor Carrier

The AERO Assault Plate Carrier is designed to fit the SAPI/ESAPI/SPEAR Cut Plates sizes S-XL, the system can be worn with or without soft armor panels depending upon ballistic requirements, threat conditions and the type of plate being utilized. Using State of the art materials and design the system provides the highest degree of scalability, modularity and weight savings of any Eagle Armor Carrier to date.

The AERO Assault can be set up as a non-releasable or releasable configuration for emergency DOFF as well as rapid reconfiguration after the vest has been released. Multiple release stow positions (including left, right, center top or shoulder) provide the operator the flexibility to configure the release function based on his/her preference.

The shoulder straps are able to detach and switch sides allowing one to be a quick detach with an SR buckle and the other with the cable stow to be on the user’s preferred side.

The AERO Assault comes standard with the Assaulters Money belt Cummerbund and removable Kangaroo style front flap, which have the built in capability of carrying (2x) PRC 148/152 radios and multiple M4 and .308/SCAR Heavy magazines. Other optional items include multiple assault and elastic cummerbunds, Slip-on ammo and armor pouches, zip-on MOLLE back panels and various Removable Front Flaps based on weapon specific or multi caliber requirements.

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  • Fully Releasable or Non Releasable configuration based on user preference.
  • Fully MOLLE/PALS compatible
  • Fits SPEAR/BALCS SAPI and ESAPI Front/Rear plates (sizes S-XL)
  • Fits MBAV or Plate shaped soft armor inserts (sizes S-XL)
  • PTT attachment points on upper left/right
  • Loop on upper Front and Back area for ID/flag patches.
  • Shoulder stow Pull cable.
  • Removable kangaroo-style cummerbund retention flap secures the cummerbund in place and provides low-profile magazine storage (for up to three M4 magazines)
  • Hydration and communication retention loops
  • Reinforced drag handle
  • ¾” MOLLE Assaulters Money Belt Cummerbund with integrated Radio and magazine slots.
  • Cummerbund adjusts in the rear to account for various sizes, additional equipment, and environmental clothing profiles
  • Cummerbund routing channel provides the ability to quickly adjust sizing or switch between the Assault MOLLE cummerbund, 2” Elastic Cummerbund, or 4” Elastic Cummerbund (sold separately)
  • Padded shoulder pads with detachable retention loops
  • Upper and Lower pack attachment connection points for attaching Eagle Modular Assault Packs
  • Accepts 6”x6”, 6”x8” & 7”x8” side plates (sold separately)
  • Accepts Eagle Deltoid/Shoulder Plate pockets (sold separately)
  • Accepts SPEAR/BALCS ballistic groin protector (sold separately)
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